Preparing Meals Ahead of Time

Ever find yourself thinking thoughts like these?

It sure would be nice if I had the time to cook decent low fat and low calorie meals. I know I would lose weight then. I am so tired when I get home from work that I just pop anything I can find into the microwave and eat in front of the TV. The kids take up so much of my time that I just can never get anything prepared that seems to be a healthy meal.

All these thoughts gang up on people when they are trying to figure out how exactly they are going to lose the weight that they want to. And it’s not like these concerns aren’t valid, you have a life to live and other people are in your life. It’s not like you just can go of by yourself and live in cave eating brown rice for every meal. This is the real world and you need some help losing weight that works in the real world.

First step. This is your life. You are the one who feels bad about being overweight. And it is your right to be able to take care of yourself in a way that makes you feel good. In a way that makes you feel healthy and in a way that tells other people you are just as important in your life as they are.

That is a fact. It is not like they are going to do the exercising for you. They are not going to look at you and ask if you need some help figuring out a healthy eating plan.

You will have to tell them. And this is what stops a lot of people cold when it comes time to make that big attitude change. They make up the worst things in their minds and imagine the other people telling those things to them. True enough, sometimes, your spouse is going to whine. Sometimes the kids are going to want pocket pizzas every night just like they used to eat.

But most times, people will just say, OK, what can I do to help.

The easy way to figure out how to make your life work so that you can lose weight is to do some advance planning. But you can really only do this if you decide it is important enough to spend some time on. Meals that are prepared ahead of when you need to eat them are almost always much more nutritious in a healthy way than meals you eat on the go.

Deciding on a menu and making a week’s meals ahead of time winds up being a lot easier way to eat than almost any other way. You get the chance to figure out ahead of time what you need to buy to make the meals and you buy those things. You wind up buying surprisingly few additional high calorie snacks.

It is kind of funny. People have this whole mindset against planning out their week’s worth of eating, but once they start and keep going long enough to see some results, they become ecstatic with their progress.

Fair warning though, it’s hard to plan out a year’s worth of meals.

Making a schedule of what you are going to eat and sticking to it is one of the best ways to change your eating habits. And changing your eating habits is about the most powerful way ever to lose weight and keep it off.

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