Fiber for weight loss – My experience

About a year ago, I quit my job. I was unhappy with my work, and unhappy with my workplace, so one day I just up and quit.

Boy, did that change my day-to-day life!

I started sleeping late, and started trying to learn a little bit about web design and stuff like that, which meant I was spending long hours every day in front of a computer.

That wasn’t actually too different from what I used to do at work, except I didn’t have to get up and move around as much.

I didn’t have leave an office suite to walk down a long hall to the bathroom.

I didn’t have to get up constantly to walk around and talk to any coworkers.

I didn’t walk from a building to a parking lot multiple times a day.

Instead, I only walked around within the space of my house, and not even that, very much.

To make matters worse, I started snacking all day. Used to be, when I worked around people, I was too inhibited to eat all day in front of people, even though I was always hungry.

But at home, I’d eat whatever I wanted. For me, that was basically bread and cheese, even if it came in many different forms.

Fettuccini alfredo? Basically bread and cheese. Pizza? Bread and cheese. Macaroni and cheese? Grilled cheese sandwiches? Cheese and crackers? Risotto? It’s all bread and cheese. Bread and cheese with butter, even.

Occasionally I’d say to myself, “Eat a plant!” And then I would, but not often enough. I’d go days without eating plants. But back when I was working, well, then I ate plants all the time. Eating in front of other people — you know how it is? But at home, I had no discipline.

So after a few months of this, I started to worry that I was gaining weight. I mean, surely I was gaining weight.

Only, I wasn’t! I kept weighing myself, and my weight always stayed the same.

My first reaction, after a few months of weighing myself and seeing no change? Well, I assumed my scale was broken. I’m fat; I weigh almost 300 pounds. My weight hasn’t changed in 15 years.

And my scale only goes up to 300, so at first I thought that I must have ballooned to way over 300, only my scale wouldn’t go up that high. I’d always thought the needle would just keep swinging around past 300, and start over again at 1. Now I wondered, maybe it didn’t work that way? Maybe (fear in my heart) I’d actually gained 20 pounds, and didn’t even know it!

So I started shopping for a new scale, one that would go up higher. I shopped online, but never got around to ordering one, which was fortunate, because it turned out I didn’t need one.

You see, one day I was at the doctor’s office where I’d taken my mother for an appointment, and as we were leaving, I asked the nurse if I could weigh myself on their scale. She said sure, and I stepped on the platform, and she pressed some buttons, and it turned out I weighed 290.

I’d actually lost weight! What on earth?

I was confused. I thought and thought about it, and finally remembered: What was the other habit I’d started at the same time I quit my job?

I’d started drinking fiber supplements.

Orange-flavored, artificially-sweetened, psyllium husk powder. Basically Metamucil, except I buy the store brand because it’s cheaper.

And I’d lost weight.

And I completely, totally, attribute my painless weight loss to fiber. Sure, okay, I didn’t lose a lot of weight — but then, I wasn’t trying. I was doing exactly the opposite, wasn’t I? I had abandoned all thought of controlling my weight; I was eating whatever I wanted.

I am convinced that, for anyone who makes an active effort to lose weight, boosting fiber intake will super-charge your results.

I confess, I’m not going to make an active effort, myself. I have a mental block against dieting, and no desire to overcome it. That’s my problem.

But I will keep using the fiber supplement, just for the satisfaction of keeping my gut regular. And if my weight continues to slowly go down, so much the better.

And you? You should pick a diet and run with it — to me, Fat Burning Furnace actually looks like a good one — and you should add a fiber supplement to whichever diet plan you pick. I’m telling you, you’ll lose more weight, faster, with fiber.

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