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Body Beautiful On The Inside… Pros And Cons Of A High Fiber Diet

Body Beautiful On The Inside… Pros And Cons Of A High Fiber Diet
By Robin Derry

You might feel awkward talking about your colon at dinner, but trust the experts when they claim that your colon is poised with anticipation at tonight’s menu. Is your colon going to have a “rough time”…processing healthy dosages of intestinal-scrubbing cholesterol lowering fiber…or are you and your colon headed for a round of gas or constipation?

Nature Versus Culture. Everyone has mouthed the same blah-blah-blah argument that “you are what you eat”. But if this simple argument was true, then why do so few people treat it seriously? Is it “marketing spin” from the food industry that an enriched fiber diet actually creates “beauty on the inside”…or is there a kernel of insoluble truth for individuals and families to act upon?

Pros Of A High Fiber Diet. You want to know what happens “on the inside” after you’ve pushed away from the table? Here’s the straight talk on how an enriched fiber diet delivers the health goods into you life.

* Getting Regular Easy-To-Handle Bowel Movements. Having an easy, relaxed time on the toilet is no laughing matter and, like Mark Twain opined, can make “over-rated sex pale by comparison”. Combinations of fiber rich foods based on fruits, grains, cereals, nuts and vegetables absorb just the right amounts of water…gliding through your system for easy elimination. Besides natural foods, you can choose scientifically balanced high diet fiber products like Proctor & Gamble’s Metamucil…like nature’s work within your body, you’ll get no appreciable Metamucil side effects whatsoever, except for the beginning of a healthier “inside”.

* Fiber And Weight Loss. Who hasn’t put on some pounds as they “mature”? A balanced fiber diet can effortlessly result in losing 10 to 20 pounds or more over time.

* Increase Your Fiber In Diet…Lowers Your Cholesterol. A stack of contemporary scientific studies has established a clear indisputable link between fiber in diet and cholesterol reduction. How? A fiber diet literally “scrubs” and absorbs along your entire digestive system…from large and small intestines through to your colon, stimulating intestinal muscle contractions and pulling out circulatory cholesterol.

* High Fiber Diet Reduces Risks From Major Intestinal Tract Diseases. Irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, pre-cancerous polyp growths along the colon, diabetes, divurticulitis and even hemorrhoids can be reduced if you move towards a high fiber diet.

Cons Of A High Fiber Diet. The “down side” of a high fiber diet is surprisingly obvious.

* Losing Those Great Restaurant Food Tastes You Love. For many families, snack foods, fast food chain-style menus, and many conventional restaurants pour on the butter, fats, processed sugars, white enriched flour that are hard to give up when facing the thought of a plate of raw carrots, or cooked cabbage.

* Annoyance Factor Of Buying Different Foods, Learning New Food Preps. So which vegetable or fruit to buy…and when…and then how to prepare it so that you and your family actually get the diet fiber of around 40+ grams each day? No half-steps permitted. It’s an all-or-nothing commitment that takes will power and 24/7 discipline.

Conclusion – Talking vs. Doing. “Talking” about a high fiber diet is all-positive. Actually “doing” the hard work of converting life style and food choices to a stronger mix of foods rich in insoluble and soluble diet fiber is the challenge. You can keep it simple. Stay the course and you/ll create long term health “from the inside”…what could be better?

Nutrients That Burn Body Fat: Healthy Fiber Choice:

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