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Hello, and welcome to Fiber For Weight Loss! We like to think of this site as a no-nonsense guide to fiber and its digestive benefits.

If you found your way to this site, chances are it’s because you, just like thousands of other individuals, are trying to lose weight. After all, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 66% of American adults are overweight or obese.

Here at Fiber For Weight Loss, we aren’t trying to give you advice about which is the best weight loss method. It doesn’t matter to us what diet you’re following. Maybe you’re exercising, maybe not. Maybe you’re counting calories, or maybe you’re counting carbs, or maybe you’re following the latest orange-juice-and-raisins diet. Whatever.

Our goal is merely to make it clear that whatever else you’re eating, you should eat fiber, too — lots of it. Fiber will super-charge any weight loss plan!

Fiber is beneficial for more than just weight loss. It is vital to the management of diseases like diabetes, Crohn’s disease, heart disease, and many others. And fiber also is also a crucial factor in treating hemorrhoids, constipation, and diarrhea.

If you can, get your fiber by eating fruit, grains, beans and nuts. Eating high-fiber food has the advantage of nourishing your body with the vitamins and minerals that are also present in these foods.

But if you can’t stand to eat those healthy foods, then get your fiber from a powdered drink mix. Or swallow some capsules. Just get it — it doesn’t matter how you get it, as long as you get lots of it, along with plenty of water to help it pass through you.

Explore our site, and learn all about the power of fiber, for weight loss and other health benefits!

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