Diets for High Blood Pressure – The role of Fiber in reducing your Blood Pressure – Fast !

By: Sue Roberts

Diets for High Blood Pressure are a major factor in getting your blood pressure down to more normal levels. Most of the causes that trigger high blood pressure stem from poor diet. Also we should give more emphasis to how our body eliminates the waste products from our body both through the kidneys and the bowels.

Fiber plays an important role in preventing high blood pressure through proper waste management. Simply by adding more fiber to our diet can we improve our health conditions including reducing our blood pressure. Our body produces a lot of waste materials, too much sodium and glucose tend to overwork the kidneys.

High-fiber diets can help the digestive system by its inherent ability to bind other food, which then allows proper digestion to take place. A standard dietary guide for people weighing about 120 pounds is at least 25 grams of dietary fiber, while a person who weighs as much as 200 pounds should have at least 35 grams of dietary fiber. Hard or Insoluble fiber is usually found in wheat bran and is also known as the ?water carrier?. As a water carrier, this fiber controls the production of stool consistently and regularly. As this fiber passes through the intestinal tract, the water it carries help to dissolve unwanted and sometimes toxic wastes.

Thus, it aids greatly in preventing disorders including reducing cancer risks, hemorrhoids, appendicitis and diverticulosis.

High fiber is present in almost all fruits and vegetables but is particularly high in cereals and grains and should be included in all diets for high blood pressure .

Fiber needs water to work effectively.

Unless there is sufficient water the stool that fiber produces cannot be expelled with ease out of the digestive system. Without the water the stool will be dry and hard. Doctors and Nutritionalists recommend between 4 glasses and 2 liters of water a day. This helps eliminate exccess sodium which also helps in the reduction of high blood pressure.

The best start to your day is by eating foods like with high-fiber cereals. Make your meals complete by eating fruits, vegetables, tubers and a variety of different grains. Most people feel the need to snack in the day and a great way to pack in more fiber is to eat more fruit or even another bowl of breakfast cereal or cereal bars. A glass of water taken at every snack break will maximise the benefits of these extra fibers in your digestive system.

Some research has been done into the role of coffee and high blood pressure.

One group of people are saying that you are best switching to tea. But there is more research published recently which suggests that the soluble fiber found in perculated coffee is of great value to digestion as well.

Most scientists agree that insufficient fiber in your diet will lead to accumulation of waste in your body which can lead to complications and other bodily dis-functions.

So improving your diet by adding dietary fibers, can help eliminate the factors that trigger high blood pressure.

Doctors and Nutritionalists agrees that high blood pressure levels are dangerous to our general health and to avoid having to take medication it is advised to follow diets for high blood pressure.

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