Eat Tons of Fiber Enriched Foods to Lose Menopause Weight

There are many diet plans that aren’t too healthy for you. The high protein diet for instance may help some people lose weight, but you don’t get the nutrients your body needs. Balance is important and you really need to eat tons of fiber enriched foods to lose menopause weight.

Fiber enriched foods feel you up and you stay full longer. Fiber pushes fat through the digestive system quickly, which is what your body needs. Get rid of that fat. High fiber diets consist of plant foods and include whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Replacing processed foods and foods high in saturated fat with fruit and vegetables will lower your risk of heart disease, colon cancer and decreases high cholesterol levels. You also lose weight in a healthy manner.

Here are some fiber enriched foods to incorporate in your diet.

* Brown rice

* Whole grains; oats, barley and wheat (bran cereals)

* Legumes; dry beans, peas and lentils

* Soybeans

* Artichokes

* Cornmeal

* Fruit; apples, raisins, raspberries, pears, strawberries, oranges (all fruit has some

fiber, watermelon and grapes offer little)

* Vegetables; bean sprouts, celery, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, potatoes and turnips (green

peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, onions and mushrooms offer little)

* Wheat germ, oatmeal bread and mixed grain bread

When you are eating fiber enriched foods you need to drink a lot of water to aid in the digestion and to prevent constipation as well. Also, if you don’t typically eat a fiber-rich diet and you plan on eating more fruit and vegetables, just make sure you add it slowly into your diet or you may have stomach cramps, diarrhea and gas.

Since fruit and vegetables are healthier for you than a bag of chips, try to get in the habit of reaching for any type of produce as it will fill you up and you won’t be eating needless calories. Maybe leave a bowl of fruit, fruit you actually like, on your kitchen island where it’s in plain view. Also, try not to buy junk food and replace it with healthier snacks. It will be good for your family too. Bran muffins and crisp rye bread are good substitutes for snacking, besides fruit and vegetables.

Don’t forget to get some protein in your diet as well, because protein repairs damaged tissue and builds new cells. The most important thing is to eat tons of fiber enriched foods to lose menopause weight and stave off many diseases and possibly some cancers.

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