The Headlines Say It’s All About Diet – But Interval Training Yields EXTRA Weight Loss

The world is just too busy. And your life? Well forget about it — there’s just no time in the day when you can manage to squeeze a little bit of exercise for weight loss into your schedule. Someone is always calling and interrupting your exercise routine anyway. The emails are not going to answer themselves. The bills need to get paid and don’t you really deserve to spend some quality time watching television. That’s pretty harmless stuff, right? And it’s your life anyway and what right does someone have to tell me how I should be eating or exercising or doing anything for that matter?

Any of those ideas sound familiar at all?

If they do not, count yourself lucky. Because thoughts like these seem to appear out of thin air just when you decide to start an exercise program to lose some weight. It is almost like there is a hidden force in our minds that jumps right out in front to prevent us from starting an exercise program.

Of course exercise helps you lose weight! The amount of weight you are going to lose depends on the type of exercise you do and the amount and the intensity. But for sure, if you increase the amount of physical exercising you are doing, you are going to burn more calories and that is a good way to drop some pounds.

Now, if you eat more than you did before with the rationalization that since you are working out you can eat more, you are probably not going to lose any weight at all. But in general if you exercise more and eat less, some weight is going to vanish into thin air.

Exercise contributes to the amount of fat loss you can experience. How hard you work out and how long your exercise periods last can really influence the amount of calories you burn and the amount of pounds you lose. For instance if you research interval training on the internet you will find out that short bursts of high energy exercise are good for burning fat.

Long slow exercise like walking or jogging is also good for weight loss, but probably not at the same rate that you would release weight with interval training. There are even some interval training regimens that have you working out really hard for only 10 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds.

This kind of exercise can really get your heart pumping and astonishingly you will only need to do this for a couple of weeks to see real changes in your physique.

For sure, you will want to consult a medical professional before starting this kind of intense physical training. It is one thing to want to lose weight and quite another to work out so hard that you develop some other kind of physical issue. That is not the kind of change you need.

Starting a new physical workout schedule is the kind of thing that will really change the way you look and feel. You will also find that your entire mood changes. You feel better, you feel more alive and you will feel the kind of happiness that comes from knowing you are doing something good for yourself.

Increased energy, increased happiness and decreased weight; those sound like terrific reasons to start an exercise program to lose weight as soon as you can. No reason to delay all those benefits and once you start you will never want to go back to the way you were.

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