Super-Smart Weight Loss Tips

Many times when you are searching for weight loss information online you come across a bunch of fad diets. These are the diets which tell you how much weight you can lose by eating only cabbage soup, or maple syrup and lemonade or some other noxious kind of food that nobody who really likes themselves would ever eat.

As a matter of act these diets are among the most highly-searched-for topics on the entire internet. They are very popular for one particular reason — they bring you almost instant results in dropping a couple of pounds. They do work to get some weight off right away, within a week for many of them.

But then, guess what happens? The weight all comes back with a vengeance and sometimes those pounds you lost bring their friends back to stay with you and you wind up weighing even more than you did before you started the crash diet.

This kind of weight loss program does not keep you healthy and does not result in keeping the weight off permanently. You wind up bouncing up and down in weight and your entire metabolism suffers. And when your metabolism suffers it always does so in the same way — it slows down and stops burning calories.

This is why you gain the weight back.

Here are a couple of things you can do to help achieve a more permanent weight loss.

Stop eating so much… but don’t stop all at once

People love to punish themselves for dietary transgressions. But punishing does not help much. If you simply stop feeding your body, it will not know what to do and will simply slow your metabolism down to a crawl. Much better if you cut your calorie intake gradually. Start eating less a little bit at a time, so that your body gets used to running on the calories it already has stored away.

Gradual weight loss with a diet change that is not a crash kind of diet is much more successful for many more people than any of those fad diets. Do you really want to be eating cabbage soup three times a day for the rest of your life?

Another important tip is very simple, and works very effectively.

Give yourself a reward for losing weight.

Now this does not mean that when you lose a pound that you hop in the car and run right over to Cheesecake Factory and gorge yourself. A reward is supposed to be a nice thing you do for yourself, not something that is virtually guaranteed to make you feel bad all over again. That’s not what you need.

Instead you can give yourself a nice treat like a spa day, or a trip to the mall without the kids or anything else you enjoy. And if you like, you can give yourself a food treat. In a normal sized portion. A square of chocolate — not a 5 pound box. Split a piece of cheesecake with your friend — don’t order two for yourself.

Rewards are excellent things to do for yourself. Just don’t overdo the reward system or you will wind up punishing yourself all over again.

Losing weight does not have to be hard or painful. But you do have to make a couple of adjustments in how you think and act. No more punishing yourself: That didn’t work before and it won’t work now. Instead cut your calories slowly and give yourself a small reward when you succeed and you will be well on your way to lasting weight loss.

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