How do you start exercising?

Sometimes it happens that people just want to lose weight fast. They have decided that they are tired of feeling heavy and they simply want that weight gone. This is a common scenario around the beginning of the year and results in a huge amount of New Year’s resolutions for losing weight or working out or getting more exercise — all kinds of things.

But in fact, what often happens is that the best intentions go astray and after a momentous round of self derision, anger and promises, folks simply go back to what they were doing before and their new found love of exercise and slimming down disappears inside bags of potato chips and supersized meals from burger shops.

There are some things you can do to avoid this state of affairs and make it much easier for your weight loss to be permanent and your new habit of daily exercise to become something you look forward to — instead of something you’re afraid to get out of bed for in the morning.

Get Some Exercise… with emphasis on the word “some”

You have decided that you are going to change your lifestyle – so that you can lose some weight and feel better and live longer. That is a great idea. But you don’t have to do all the exercise you are ever going to do for the rest of your life by tomorrow. If you are new to an exercise regimen, the best thing to do is work up to it, not do it all at once.

Not only does over-exercising leave you feeling sore and sick and exhausted, but 99 times out of 100 the dream of a life filled with healthy exercise in moderate amounts that helps you enjoy each day simply flies out the window and lands in the gutter.

You feel worse than you did before. And now you’re angry with yourself for failing in your new attempt at cutting weight.

By far the best thing to do when you start on a new exercise routine is to take it easy. If you have not done a single pushup in 10 years — do a single pushup. And if you cannot get yourself up off the floor for a single pushup just press on the floor with all your might instead. Actually, that kind of isometric exercise does wonders for your body and helps you lose weight fast while toning your muscles.

But no matter what, start with some exercise, not all of it.

Another thing that really helps people stay in the weight loss frame of mind is change.

Change up the exercise you are doing.

Many times, people will find one particular type of exercise that they can accomplish with just a bit of effort. And because they were successful with that one exercise, they keep doing it. Nothing wrong with that.

But then they keep doing it and doing it more and more and more. Eventually what happens is that their bodies get so used to that exercise that they can do it in their sleep.

And that exercise becomes so easy for them, that no mater how much of it they do, they don’t get any more benefit.

You need to vary the exercise that you do for maximum results. Walk one day. Do calisthenics for one day. Go swimming one day. Keep it fresh. Keep it interesting and keep it going. That is what brings the benefits from an exercise regimen.

There are plenty of exercises you could do to feel better and lose weight. Just make sure that you start small and when you get more proficient at exercising, that you vary your routine. Those small things will bring you so much more sustainable weight loss, that you will find it hard to imagine you ever lived your life any other way.

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